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About Sagebrook Home
Our parents instilled in us at a young age that hard work, passion, patience, and respect are the core values one should foster in life. As we got older, we understood that those same values apply to growing a successful business.

Our first introduction to the wholesale business was through our parents, who run a successful textile company in downtown Los Angeles. After many years of assisting them with all aspects of the business, we decided it was time to start something new. We took our passion for design and our knowledge of home textiles and created something special: the foundation for what is now Sagebrook Home.

Sagebrook Home was born to bring something new and fresh to the home decor market by developing new products, staying ahead of trends, and above all, being commited to exceptional quality. Using state-of-the-art technology, we have quickly become a leader in delivery, drop shipping, and fulfillment. Sagebrook Home's product portfolio has grown quickly and now includes over 8,000 products including wall decor, furniture, lighting, home textiles, and accessories.

We understand that for our business to grow successfully, we need to listen to our customers. Every member of the Sagebrook Home team is here to listen to you - your wants and needs are incredibly important to us. We are proud of the rapidly growing team here. We are more than just a team; we are family.

Our father once told us that to create something special, you need to put in hard work, pay extremely close attention to detail, and love what you do. We LOVE what we have built here at Sagebrook Home, and we know you will, too.