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Registry picture Kayla Tidwell Dustin Buse Oct 27, 2019
Registry picture Danielle May Emory Mullins Oct 26, 2019
Registry picture Holley Galbraith Marshall Kevin Bruce Parker, Jr. Oct 12, 2019
Registry picture Jessica Smith Austin Roebuck Oct 12, 2019
Registry picture Ashley Norman Michael Boone Oct 12, 2019
Registry picture Alexandra Peters Josh Randle Oct 5, 2019
Registry picture Bella Rosenvert Ethan Long Sep 21, 2019
Registry picture Keri Steger Garrison Lipscomb Aug 24, 2019
Registry picture Holly Hardin Grant Spencer Aug 3, 2019
Registry picture Ann Clark Luckett Wesley Bryan Bruce Jul 27, 2019
Registry picture Claire Palmer John Gatlin Jul 27, 2019
Registry picture Anna Kathryn Carson Jon David Poss Jul 19, 2019
Registry picture Emma Avery Reagan Livingston Jun 29, 2019
Registry picture Kerston Jumper Payton Pearce Jun 29, 2019
Registry picture Chandler Coggins Jordan McCaffrey Jun 22, 2019
Registry picture Anna Margaret Gaines Alex Ezelle Jun 22, 2019
Registry picture Hart Robbins Griff Loftis Jun 22, 2019
Registry picture Eva Beidelman Brett Pund Jun 22, 2019
Registry picture Lauren Walker Brett Morgan Jun 15, 2019
Registry picture Neely Johnson Daniel Gwaltney Jun 8, 2019
Registry picture Abby Williford Brad Aldridge Jun 8, 2019
Registry picture Rorie Bolton Troy Berry Jun 8, 2019
Registry picture Alex Hammett Austin Rose Jun 7, 2019
Registry picture Mary Kathryn Wheatley John Decker Jun 1, 2019
Registry picture Emily Caroline Marshall Aaron Christopher Watkins May 25, 2019
Registry picture Jordyn Owens Silas Gill May 25, 2019
Registry picture Ashlynne Michael Hunter Trantham May 25, 2019
Registry picture Carrie Gammon Luke Weeden May 18, 2019
Registry picture Catherine Holman Kirk Thornton May 18, 2019
Registry picture Cara Danielle Clock Hunter Gillon May 18, 2019
Registry picture Mallie Elizabeth Powell May 18, 2019
Registry picture Meghan Brown Zach Russell May 11, 2019
Registry picture Emily Davidson Steven Cialone May 11, 2019
Registry picture Hannah Faith Hudson Andy Blake Houston May 11, 2019
Registry picture Caitlin Sarah Hornsby Blake Carlisle Cadden May 4, 2019
Registry picture Searcy Swain Matt Crabtree Apr 27, 2019
Registry picture Emily Crow Patrick Riddle, Jr. Apr 27, 2019
Registry picture Lockie Dearman Peyton Wade Apr 27, 2019
Registry picture Noelle Foster John Phillips Apr 20, 2019
Registry picture Lara Anderson George Nelson Pope Apr 13, 2019
Registry picture Lily Yant Ben Hurt Mar 30, 2019
Registry picture Shelby Jones John Aycock Mar 30, 2019
Registry picture Annie Anderson Jackson Nabors Mar 30, 2019
Registry picture Holly Harrington Ian Benge Mar 23, 2019
Registry picture Carly Ramsey Phillip Faulkner Mar 23, 2019
Registry picture Emily Guyton Todd Brauch Mar 23, 2019
Registry picture Lauren Dye Kyle Pound Mar 16, 2019
Registry picture Kim Mackey Andrew Putnam Mar 9, 2019
Registry picture Kathryn Winslow Adrian Dickey Feb 24, 2019
Registry picture Kelsey Adams Steven Goudeau Feb 16, 2019
Registry picture Simms Haguewood David Haadsma Feb 16, 2019
Registry picture Sheena Hagemann Yancy Fisher Feb 14, 2019
Registry picture Madison Dyson William Van Landeghem Feb 9, 2019
Registry picture Mialee Billingsley Zach Steinmetz Feb 2, 2019
Registry picture Mary Dawson Buskirk Brian Haadsma Jan 5, 2019
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Our best wishes to...

Noelle & John who are celebrating their Wedding

Emily & Patrick who are celebrating their Wedding

Lockie & Peyton who are celebrating their Wedding

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"Absolutely loved registering at EC's! They are all very helpful and make the experience wonderful. I also love all of their items I was able to register for!"
~ Mialee in MS

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